Tequila - Honey - Cazcabel




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Famous for his natural tonics. Don Cazcabel is a healer with powers that attracted Mexicans from hundreds of miles around. A Faithful student of toltec, Olmec & Aztec traditions, his Tequila recipes only use the best, natural ingredients that the fertile land can offer, and this philosophy has been the inspiration for Cazcabel Tequila.


Cazcabel tequila is created in an independent micro distillery in the town of Arandas, located in the highlands of the Jalisco mountains in Mexico.


With the fresh, earthy and dry blanco at its heart, Cazcabel honey adds a dose of sweet nectar to the blend. The honey used in Cazcabel Honey is made with a combination of Manuka and Yucàtan honey sourced from the fields of Yucàtan in Mexico and the Maunka trees of New Zealand. Rich and sweet with beautiful smoky notes of warm natural honey.


50Ml Cazcabel Honey Tequila | 4 lime wedges | A handful of mint leaves | Soda water

Muddle the lime wedges in a jar, add the Cazcabel Honey, clap the mint leaves in your hand and add them to the tall rocks glass. Top up with soda and give it all a good stir with a bar spoon. Add some mint to garnish and serve.