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The Somerset Wine Co

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This is our home made gin from our new partner company, The Somerset Gin Co! We collaborated with Psychopomp Microdistillery in Bristol, chose our own botanicals and blended the results to produce what we think is a delicious London Dry style gin. Except this is Somerset, so this is a Somerset Dry Gin and celebrates the county's pilgrimage culture with its top notes of citrus, orange peel & cider apple, married with the earthy aromatics of woodruff, yarrow and sage.

Somerset means 'the land of the summer people' & refers to the annual pilgrimage in ancient times to access the county’s fertile wetlands for livestock grazing. The Sweet Track is a Neolithic timber walkway located in the Somerset Levels, originally part of a network of tracks built to provide a dry path across the marshy ground. About 1.6km long & named after the man who discovered it in the 70s, Ray Sweet, the track dates from c.3806 BC & is the oldest ritual monument in the UK - older even that Stonehenge - a real coup for Somerset! Our blueprint label design echoes the original blueprint diagram we found of the Sweet Track, bringing a contemporary feel to an ancient story.