Late Bottled Vintage Port - Churchill’s - Douro - Portugal




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Churchill’s Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is produced from the same Quintas that make Churchill’s declared Vintage Ports, so the result is an LBV with a real vintage pedigree: the excellent intensity of fruit and finesse. Like all other Churchill’s Ports, the component wines of this LBV have been foot trodden in traditional granite lagares (treading tanks). Following the vintage the young LBV Ports are carefully tasted, selected and blended. The blended Port is then matured in large oak vats during 4 years where it softens, shedding its harsh tannins, but without losing its full bodied, rich fruit flavours. Finally ,after 4 years in wood vats it is bottled unfiltered into dark Vintage Port bottles and laid down to finish its maturation in temperature conditioned cellars. This wine has a black cherry colour. On the nose, rich blackberry aromas with resinous undertones. The palate is smooth and complex, with juicy flavours of wild berries and black chocolate. Produced in a similar style and quality as Vintage port, Churchill's LBV will age well for at least 5 to 10 years in bottle.

To serve stand the bottle upright for a few hours before decanting. It is best decanted at least two hours before service and served at room temperature. Once opened, it will keep for up to 10 days; however, avoid air and store at a constant cellar temperature. Churchill's LBV is delicious on its own after lunch or dinner but also excellent with chocolate desserts or rich cheeses such as Stilton and Camembert. Save the natural sediment or crust for seasoning meats and adding to sauces.