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Appleton Estate

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For over 265 years, Appleton Estate has been crafting premium, aged rums in the heart of Jamaica.  Appleton Estate Signature is a single estate Jamaica rum, inspired by the vibrancy of Jamaica, its land and the joyful nature of its people. A tribute to the Estate's storied history, a rum blend that embodies a commitment to expressing Jamaica's unique terroir.
The Signature is a fruit forward expression of aged rum with aromas and notes of dried apricot, fresh peach and a subtle hint of sweet molasses. A beautiful harvest gold and amber colour, with remarkable clarity and an effortless finish.
Made in the Nassau Valley, a lush and fertile terrain in the heart of Jamaica - here, is where every drop of the pot and column still rum used in the Appleton Estate Signature is aged, for an average of 4 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica, giving it a smoother, fuller flavour.
Enjoy as Master Blender Joy Spence does, in a classic rum cocktail. Ideal for any easy at home mix, the balanced and fruit forward profile makes for the perfect Jamaican Daquiri - simply shake Appleton Estate Signature, lime juice and sugar syrup with ice, strain and serve.