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This family run distillery began their journey as fruit farmers who then went on to produce fruit liqueurs, now passed on to the second generation the sibling team Michael and Felicity have made their mark developing the elegant 6'oclock range.

6 O’clock Gin is a range of strikingly smooth artisan gins, handcrafted in small batches, using traditional skills and only the best natural ingredients.

The name was inspired by our long-held family tradition of indulging in a G&T at 6 o’clock; a custom still enjoyed at the distillery and shared by gin-lovers all over the world.


Bristol - Between Somerset & Gloucestershire 


This special edition celebrates the spirit of the garden and takes you on a journey from seed to glass. Freshly picked herbs are delivered early in the morning from Jekka’s famous herb farm and distilled on the same day with our strikingly smooth London Dry gin.

40% ABV


35 ml 6 O’clock Gin Jekka’s Edition | 10 ml Lime Juice | 15 ml Thyme Simple Syrup (*) | 40ml Soda Water | A splash of Dry Sparking Wine (preferably English!)

Add the Gin, Lime and Syrup to your glass along with plenty of ice. Add the soda water, stir to combine, then top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme.

* Thyme Syrup: 3 Parts Sugar, to 2 part Boiling Water, Add in a good handful of fresh thyme – stems and all – then leave to infuse and cool *