Vodka - Oak Smoked



Chase Distillery

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Designed to create the ultimate Bloody Mary. Their oak smoked vodka is made in small batches,  just one to two thousand bottles each time. Water from their own spring is smoked with English Oak for five days then blended with Chase Vodka to achieve a beautifully delicate smoky finish.


Herefordshire - United Kingdom

A county that boasts some of the richest farmland in the world. It is here they grow King Edward, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta potatoes. Having the distillery located on the farm allows them to keep a watchful eye over how their potatoes and apples move from field to bottle. It’s this field to bottle approach that makes Chase different, something you can taste in their award-winning spirits.


Chase Distillery

The business has become a family affair with Will’s older sons Harry and James working within the business. Harry manages Chase Farm, farming 300 acres of potatoes which are grown on a 5-year crop rotation, and James works as the Global Brand Ambassador educating customers and consumers about our field to bottle philosophy.


50ml Chase Smoked Vodka | 20ml Lemon juice | Dash of Worcestershire sauce | Dash of Tabasco | Tomato juice top

Prepare the glass by wetting the rim by running a lemon around it. Mix celery salt and cracked black pepper on a plate and dip the glass. Build all ingredients in the glass over ice and garnish with celery stick and a lemon wedge.