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6 O'Clock

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Thornbury - England


Strikingly Smooth 6 O’clock Gin London Dry has a clean flavour led by Juniper. The signature smoothness that defines 6 'Oclock gin flows from ‘Kathleen’, their unique ‘double sphere’ copper pot still. The spirit has prolonged contact with copper during distillation and only the pure heart of each run makes the cut. Together this creates the strikingly smooth 6 O’clock experience for you to enjoy.


Nearly 30 years ago, Edward and Penny Kain owned a fruit farm. As a sideline, they started making delicious fruity liqueurs and sold them with some considerable success. The first incarnation of the family’s gin recipe was created as a base for their delightfully piquant Sloe Gin. Some years later, Michael and Felicity took over their parents’ now prosperous distillery. Guided by the family expertise in liqueurs, they set about perfecting the gin recipe. The wonderful flavour of 6 O’clock Gin emerged through experimentation: carefully selected botanicals, precisely balanced for a refreshingly clean taste.


50 ml 6 O’clock Gin | 20 ml Raspberry liqueur | 20 ml Lime juice | Ginger Ale | Fresh raspberries & lime to garnish

Build the drink in a highball glass over plenty of ice. Add the gin, raspberry and lime first and stir, then top with ginger ale. Garnish with lime wedges and fresh raspberries.