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Pilton Cider

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This fruity cider combines wood oven roasted bitter oranges, fermented as a natural wine with Pilton's naturally sweet keeved cider. Back in the marmalade season, cidermaker Martin caramelised Seville oranges in a masonry oven. They were roasted over ash logs, with juniper berries & branches of fresh bay and rosemary. The softened fruit was then macerated for two weeks, fermented with wild yeasts and matured in Jamaican rum casks, before finally being blended with keeved cider.

You'l find charred spice and sticky marmalade on the nose. Bright citrus acidity and cider tannins play together in the mouth. Luscious bitterness & fruity keeved sweetness are balanced on the long finish. Fermented with wild yeasts.