Hawkstone Discovery Box - each beer and a glass


The Somerset Wine Co

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About this item

The Hawkstone Discovery Box contain bottles each of their beers and their cider and a glass is a great way to explore the entire range from this fantastic brand. 

About the producer

Hawkstone Lager is the brainchild of Jeremy Clarkson and Rick & Emma from Cotswold Brew Co. As so many of us saw in the TV documentary ‘Clarkson’s Farm’, Jeremy put blood, sweat and tears into cultivating his malting barley and was determined that it be put to good use. Together they have created Hawkstone Lager, a brew of exquisite quality. With a combination of the finest brewing ingredients and a lengthy maturation period, Hawkstone Lager is a beautifully balanced beer with light, refreshing citrus notes and a richness from the malted barley. The naturally produced, lighter carbonation lends to a softer mouthfeel and helps give a more pronounced flavour to the beer.