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Domaine Glinavos

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Debina is a thoroughbred Greek white wine grape variety, delicate and crisp. Its origins are located in the beautiful Zitsa of Ioannina, where it is grown on the hilltops of the six villages in the famous Wine Region of Zitsa. It is considered to be unique in its kind due to the fruity, classy and elegant aromas of apple, pear and peach, which certainly can seduce the most demanding wine lover.

A few hundreds of years back, it was the basic indigenous variety from which the wine makers of the area made the famous sparkling and semi-sparkling wine of Zitsa. Based on this fact, it is considered ideal for the production of sparkling wines. 

From 100% Debina grapes of Epirus at Domaine Glinavos . Wine-making begins in mid-late autumn and finishes naturally in the next spring, when the yeasts revive along with nature’s general revival and the increase of ambience temperature, transforming the already bottled wine into sparkling. A gorgeous and original alternative to Prosecco.