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Sparkling Wine

Maison Antech

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A traditional method sparkler from an exclusively handpicked harvest. Direct pressing of the grapes the selected musts set for a first fermentation in inox vat under controlled temperature. Blending and second fermentation in capped bottles for around 18th months in air conditioned cellars.

The oldest sparkling wine in the world - predating Champagne, as whilst making a dry Mauzac, the monks from the Abbey of St Hilaire in Languedoc discovered the secondary fermentation in the bottle. Blanquette is the name for the Mauzac grape in langue d'oc, due to white powder on its leaves - blanquette means white. 

Pale yellow colour with golden reflections and fine bubbles. The nose expresses the spring flowers and fresh apple and pear. The palate is lively, harmonious and round.

This is one to just sip and enjoy as an aperitif.

Mauzac 90%
Chardonnay 5%
Chenin Blanc 5%