Verdicchio - Castelli di Jesi - Velenosi - Le Marche - Italy


White Wine


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The Velenosi Querciantica Verdicchio comes from the quality vineyard Velenosi from the Marche or the Mark. The Verdicchio bianco is a white grape variety from the Marches and is a very old variety, and although it has been around for centuries in the Marches, the birthplace is very likely Veneto, from from which it then spread to the south in the 15th century. 

Verdicchio is a grape variety that cannot easily be placed in a box. A number of houses make very serious fresh fruity wines and Velenosi is without a doubt one of the most famous and famous wineries in the Marche, so quality is guaranteed. The wine has been released since 2005 and the vineyards are the oldest in the original area and is located in Castelli di Jesi. The white wine is a 100% Verdicchio and the vineyards lie on a poor sandy terroir. The grapes are picked by hand, very early in the morning or late in the afternoon / early evening. The vibrators go into small crates and immediately go into the cooling.

The Verdicchio wine is obtained by a very light crushing of the hand-picked grapes when they are slightly over-ripe. The right moment of picking is crucial for this wine. Too early then the wine tastes green and too late then the acids are missing. After the bruising, the must is collected in refrigerated containers and brought to 5 ° C for static decantation before being transferred to stainless steel vessels for fermentation at a controlled temperature. Fermentation is performed by inoculating carefully selected yeasts to prevent unwanted odors and tastes. These two combinations, slightly over-ripe grapes and selected yeasts, ensure the special fullness and roundness. The wine can then continue to ripen on its lees for 5 to 6 months in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. In the glass, the wine is straw yellow with green reflections. In the nose, the wine is fruity with notes of green apple, honey and some spices such as thyme. On the palate the fruity comes back with a spicy and typical, slightly bitter almond aftertaste.