Retsina - Domaine Papagiannakos - Mesogaia - Greece - 2018 - 50cl




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Papagiannakos is the first bio-climatic winery in Greece. Winery note: "A unique version of retsina with fine pine aromas and lemon notes. Made from a blend of Savatiano grapes with a superb quality resin wrought from the pine trees of Attiki.   Pure blonde colour, balanced. A wine that can even feed the most sophisticated palates. It accompanies Mediterranean mezedes, fish and seafood."

"A new generation of winemakers are treating (the Savvatiano grape) properly and highlight its potential – and when they add high quality resin to it, they end up with some of the greatest retsina there is. Principal among them, Papagiannakos and Mylonas. The former has an elegant, pale wine, whose colour I mistook for Roditis tasting blind. The nose has vanilla notes from the resin and white peach from the Savvatiano, while it’s balanced on the palate with fine acidity and hints of spice in the medium-length aftertaste." Tim Atkin MW on his blog in June 2019.

12.5% ABV