Pinot Noir - Division - Willamette Valley - Oregon - USA


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Division is an urban winery in Portland, Oregon making incredible wines, predominantly sourced from the Willamette Valley, that are joyous and exciting expressions of this great winemaking region. Started in 2010 by Tom Monroe, Kate Norris snd Sophie Barrett, Division has an eclectic focus that includes a deep love of the Loire, Beaujolais, and the Northern Rhône. In a region that takes many of its cues from Burgundy, Division has gone out of its way to represent other styles and other grapes. Eclectic offerings include a Cot, numerous fantastic single-vineyard Gamays, some Chenins, a "Crémant de Portland", and Cabernet Franc.

The Willamette Valley is typically one of the coolest and wettest major wine growing regions in the U.S, which clearly favors the delicate, but seemingly boundless potential of the Pinot Noir grape - a variety that seems to show its best on the fringes of suitable grape farming areas. The 2019 vintage was beautifully reminiscent of the classic vintages of northern Europe. After a relatively cool and humid summer by Oregon standards, some nice dry weather came in time for veraison with mild to cool temperatures during the day and cool to cold at nights. This extended the growing season well into October, making even these cool climate lovers bite their nails wondering if they would reach optimal ripeness! They did, and we are all so happy with the results across the board!

We used the terms “power” and “grace” to describe this wine as it’s truly that. The aromatics are electric and airy at the same time, with deep spicy earthy tones and strawberry and an almost iron notes. The palate is full, but not heavy, with a serious amount of ethereal length for a base level Pinot. It’s dominated by wild and brambly strawberry flavors and dark mineral layers. Drink up now or wait a few months, years, etc. but don't miss out!

The aromatics are savory and significant while ethereal at the same time. A deep spicy earthy undertone in the nose of the wine features ripe strawberries, cherries and dark earth tones. The palate is lithe and unique with a balance of fresh herbs, wild berry concentration and mid-palate minerality—it really delivers for a base level Pinot. Drink up now or wait a few months, years, etc., but don’t miss this one!