Pinot Noir - Domaine Jean Perrier et Fils - Savoie - France


Red Wine

Jean Perrier

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High altitude Pinot Noir from the Alps - full of fresh fruit and seductive tannins

Tradition is hardly sufficient a word to sum up the Perrier family who have lived and worked in the Alps for more than seven generations. They seem to be hewn from the very rock that surrounds them. The wine style and dedication to local varieties such as Jacquère has not wavered and like their mountains, they remain resolute. And all the better for it. These are wines are stunning, different and enthralling creating flavour and palates that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Embodying their landscape and being resistant to change has made these wines special, delightful and truly regional. Planted on clay limestone soils in a vineyard consisting of small plots mainly on an East / West exposure.

Dry, light and fruity, this wine is an intense orange-red colour. A delicate nose exuding aromas of red berries and a cherry core. It also evokes subtle bay scents. This red has a lively acidity and is full of tannins. It's soft texture precedes a good finish.