Pinot Gris - Villa Wolf - Dr Ernst Loosen - Pfalz - Germany


White Wine

Villa Wolf

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It was in the Pfalz region, back in the 19th century, that Pinot Gris was first identified as an individual variety and vinified separately. The modern-day Villa Wolf Pinot Gris has full ripe typical Pinot Gris spiciness on the nose, with a lovely lemon lift. It is medium weight, but with a full, stony impact on the palate, where it is long and satisfying with good acidity. No malolactic fermentation is allowed, so the wine retains a bright crisp citrus acidity. Attractive peach fruit. creamy texture, very slightly off-dry but crisp and refreshing. Make the change from Pinot Grigio! 

Food pairing: It is an excellent partner for salmon, chicken or pork.