Godello - Palacio de Canedo - Bierzo DO


White Wine

Prada a Tope

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The Palacio de Canedo is located in Bierzo, Spain and has been producing wine since 1730. In 1987 Jose Luis Prada purchased the estate to revitalize the vineyards and make the palace itself a functioning winery crafting wine as naturally as possible. It consists of 30 hectares of land planted at an altitude of 600-800 meters on clay based soil with slate known as "pimentero" for its red color. The vines are 60-70 years old and grown organically to respect the earth and environment.

Lemon yellow hue with a fresh fragrance of peach and white fruit aromas with a citrus fruit background.

Dusty apple aromas show a good level of pop and freshness, balanced with bready white fruit flavours giving it a smooth and silky in mouth feel with a well balanced acidity. It is an expressive delicate wine.

 A fabulous pairing for tapas - calamari, white bate, galician octopus, grilled prawns, cheese, cured meats.

*Certified Organic*