Carmenere/Carignan/Pais - Canto Sur - Julio Bouchon - Maule Valley - Chile


Red Wine

Julio Bouchon

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It all began towards the end of the 19th century when a young viticulturist from France named Emile Bouchon settled in Chile.

Since that time four generations of the Bouchon family have been creating wines in the Maule Valley. Current incumbent Julio Bouchon and his children carry on the family tradition of creating distinctive, terroir-driven wines including the celebrated País Salvaje (wild País) which is grown in a forest and requires hand harvesting on ladders some of which are 5 metres tall.

Brilliant red with violet tints; a complex nose of red and black fruits with warm, spicy notes leads to a fresh, clean palate with ripe fruit and an elegant finish, notable for its refreshing acidity driving the flavours along.

Enjoy with pastas with meat sauce, paellas, rabbit stew with couscous, bean stew and mature cheeses