Notorious Pink - Rosé - Domaine De La Colombette - Languedoc - France

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Rose Wine

La Colombette

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Some say a rose shouldn’t be to be too pink, but we beg to differ. This cleverly packaged rosé is blush pink, and elegantly sanguine. Made from 100% Grenache from the South of France, mature berries are used to create an aromatic nose and taste that is simply delicieux: Some say a rose should have a traditional label and a classic French name. We beg to differ. Notorious Pink’s label is classic French but the name is something else entirely. La Vie en Rose: Some say a rose should be very, very dry. We beg to differ. This is not as dry as most French rosé, which makes it fabulously tasteful enjoyed with or without food. Notorious Pink is a special blush cuvee made from Grenache, the leading grape varietal at Domaine la Colombette in the South of France. Rosé has often been considered a summer wine but it was their goal to bring rose to the forefront of everyday indulgence. Notorious Pink has won five Gold Medals and two ”Judges favourite,” in addition to a myriad of silver and bronze medals in regional competitons, as well as in Paris. 
Notorious Pink Rose is not as dry as most French rose wines. Enjoyable with spicy food such as Thai curries, seafood, vegetables, pasta and poultry dishes.