Muscadet Sur Lie - La Roche Blanche - Domaine des Herbauges - Loire - France


White Wine

Domaine des Herbauges

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Highly rated, elegant and beautifully balanced Muscadet from a serious producer - highlighting the progress the region has made, and of course perfect for seafood.

This family estate is a medal-winner and has been in production since 1864. Dynamism is now shown under Jérôme Choblet with 87 hectares in production and a further 22 at the Château de Lorière - making this the largest single estate in the region. Set just south of Nantes the vineyards benefit from an exceptional microclimate - the warmth of the Atlantic brings Spring early, while the huge Lac de Grandlieu acts like a giant storage heater through growing season, giving extra ripeness and more fruit to the wines. Jérôme is committed to the sustainability of the vineyards as well as to the health of the vineyard workers and aims to improve quality further by moving one more step forward from lutte raisonée to lutte intégré. Careful vineyard management has enabled Jérôme to drop all insecticides, weed killers and anti-rot treatments and he has grassed over 100% of the vineyards to reduce the vigour of the vines and to soak up rain at harvest.

With a deep, golden colour, this is a charming, full-bodied, Muscadet that has expressive minerality, honey and grapefruit. The palate is punctuated by flattering lemon notes with a light crisp finish. The perfect aperitif.