Marche Bianco 2018 - Vittorini - Marche - Italy


Red Wine


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The producer, Nico Speranza, left the busy life in Verona to return to his Grandfather's farmhouse perched in the southern Fermana region of Le Marche.  He works a few hectares of vines working within the flexibility of the IGT system  and has developed wines that focus on complexity of aromas using traditional and innovative techniques.

This is an elegant blend of the 1970s rediscovered Pecorino variety that led to the current re-evaluation of the many thousands of marvellous indigenous varieties in Italy that fell by the wayside in the push for volume production for local cooperatives. A notoriously fast ripening and tricky variety with weight and complexity, the producer has  blended with  Sangiovese "in bianco" to manage acidity and freshness. The all star Verdicchio/ Sauvignon cross brings further complex white fruit notes of lychees and passionfruit. Partially aged in oak, the wine suggests a southern Burgundy  Macon with aromas that beguile.

MARCHE WHITE I.G.T. (Typical Geographical Indication)  Pecorino 40%, Incrocio Bruni (Verdicchio x Sauvignon) 20% and Sangiovese (vinified in white) 20%
HARVESTthe optimal ripening of the pecorino and Incrocio Bruni  took place in the second half of September. The bunches were harvested exclusively in small 50 litre containers.
CULTIVATION:  Pecorino benefits from cane pruning with shoots that are renewed each year (Guyot), while the Incrocio Bruni and Sangiovese are cordon spur pruned with three spurs, each with a single bud (le bourillon: the closest to the crown and the least fertile).
PLANTING DENSITY: The rows are 2.2 metres apart whilst the vines are 0.6 metres apart giving a total planting density of 7575 vines/hectare .
VINIFICATION/AGEINGWhen the grapes arrive in the cellar they are de-stemmed then they undergo a gentle pressing.  Before fermentation the must undergoes through a process called reduction, preparing it for inoculation with selected yeasts without the use of sulfur. Fermentation takes place at a temperature of around 11 ° C (30 days to complete fermentation). The wine spends almost a year (10 months) on lees  without the addition of sulfur dioxide.
ALCOHOL:  13,5%
SULPHUR QUANTITIES: Added at bottling: free sulphur mg/l 25 with a total sulphur content of mg/l 55