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The Pedernal Valley is located southwest of the San Juan province, 56 miles from the San Juan City. The valley was formed by the tectonic movement with the separation of the Pedernal hill from the valley. The region has extremely high altitudes, ranging from 4,100 to 4,900 feet, and is bordered by the Argentine “Cordillera Oriental” mountain range and the Andes.

Maceration is carried out before and after fermentation, for a total of 35 days. The wine is aged in used barrels, 50% American and 50% French oak, for one year, followed by an additional year in bottle

Deep red with purplish hues. This Malbec is intense, with aromas of black cherry, spice and violet. Fresh berries, marmalade and plum meld with soft oak for a balanced, elegant Malbec. The mouthfeel is silky and finishes long.

The Pedernal Valley’s beauty, untamed nature, and diverse terroir was an inspiration to Mijndert Pon, the founder of Bodegas Salentein, when he visited in 2008. His vision to showcase the exceptional fruit grown in the Pedernal Valley led to the creation of Pyros Wines; the first world-class wine collection reflecting this unique terroir. The winery takes its name from the plentiful silica (flint) stones covering the Pedernal Valley. Pedernal is the Spanish term for flint. Striking these stones against each other creates a shower of sparks that, according to the local legends, was used by the native people of the region to light their fires. The stones, their flame and spirit give rise to the name PYROS, meaning fire.

Great for BBQ meats, beef dishes and piri piri chicken.