Malbec - Chateau de Cayx - AOP Cahors Rouge - France


Red Wine

Chateau de Cayx

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This wine is from the Prince of Denmark’s Winery & Residence of the Danish Royal Family Château de Cayx and Rise & Vine have been specially selected to represent these wines in the UK.

Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) – This wine comes from a 7 hectares of vines with an average vine age of 35 years old. A purple-coloured wine, Château de Cayx has the delicate aroma of red fruits and delivers all the intensity and fleshy character typical of Malbec. The wine has spicy notes and silky tannins on the palate. Château de Cayx’s concentrated nature is characteristic of the finest Cahors wines ; it also elegant and truly a wine for keeping, up to 10 years.