Viognier - Gewurztraminer - Je Donne Ma Langue Au Chat - Cellier des Chartreux - IGP Gard - France


White Wine

Cellier des Chartreux

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This is a very distinctive and unusual wine from the Gard region of France, just north of the beautiful city of Avignon. A blend of Gewürztraminer and Viognier, it is floral, rounded and fruity with notes of pear, apricot and rose petals. It is ever so slightly off dry which makes it a great match with spicy food, such as Thai curries or Indian dishes. The name alludes to the fact that Gewürztraminer is not officially a permitted grape variety in the region (and we know how rule-bound the French appellation system is!) but one small farmer loved the grape so much he defied the authorities and decided to plant a few hobby rows. 

Je Donne Ma Langue Au Chat (I am giving my tongue to the cat) literally means "I'm not saying anything" or "I'm keeping stuum" - so are we !