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Rose Wine

Glastonbury Vineyard

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Made by the ex-BBC political journalist Max Cotton, who has embarked on a year-long sustainable living project, eating (and drinking!) only produce from his own 1.5 hectare plot. Follow him on Instagram @No Milk Today. This is a fantastic local rosé, composed of a field blend of two white grapes, Orion and the pink-tinged, very unique to these parts, Souvignier Gris plus the red grape Regent. All are early ripening varieties which cope well in our Northerly climate. No sprays or pesticides are used in the vineyard and true to its name and hippy Glasto ethos, Max works to organic practises in close harmony with nature. His cow is called Bella.

It is a pale copper pink colour, delightfully rich in red fruit flavours, like stewed English plums and custard!  Combined with well-balanced, refreshing acidity. Totally delicious and local to boot.