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Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha is a vibrantly aromatic wine. The nose has a particularly floral aroma and lush fruit flavours. The palate is elegant but lively. Dry and grippy tannin with a dried red fruit profile. Delicious served with hearty braises or stews, especially when spiked with spice or paprika, but also works well with traditional British barbecue fare, sausages, burgers and steaks. Vegan friendly.

Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha 2017 hails from the little known DO Campo do Borja, located in Aragon just south-east of La Rioja, in Spain. There is a tremendous wine growing tradition in Campo De Borja, dating back to the 12th century, that produces some of the most sought after wines in Spain. Defined as continental in climate, cold nights and warm days helps the grapes retain acidity. Relatively low rain helps wine health and aids in concentrating flavours. Old wines as a term can mean over 25 years old. The older the wine, the lower the yield and more concentration in the grapes. In theory this means higher potential quality.

The name Las Carlinas refers to a type of thistle, which is native to Spain with a yellow star-like flower. The grapes were sourced from low-yielding bush-trained vines of more than 25 years of age. Grown on the region’s distinctive rusty-red ferrous and stony soil, which have to be hand-harvested. The region itself is famed for Garnacha with 5000 hectares planted to the versatile grape. Garnacha is another versatile grape grown internationally. Thinned skin and very sweet, this grape can lead to some truly expressive wines. One of the most important things when growing Garnacha, or Grenache in French is sunshine. The grape favours warmer climates, such as Southern France, Spain, Australia, USA and South Africa.