Riesling - Villa Wolf - Dr E Loosen - Pfalz - Germany


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Villa Wolf

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Villa Wolf makes top quality wines in the Pfalz region under the Dr Loosen umbrella.

12.The Villa Wolf Dry Riesling is a medium-bodied dry Riesling has lovely flavours of peach and stone, with a hint of apricot. Nicely balanced acidity gives it a juicy grip. It is an excellent match for classic continental-style cooking, especially with dishes that feature freshwater fish, chicken and pork.

The Villa Wolf estate lies in the picturesque village of Wachenheim in the Pfalz region in Germany. It is named after the beautiful Italianate Villa which stands in the grounds, built-in 1843 in an era of great success for this region. Ernst Loosen, of the Dr Loosen estate in the Mosel area, took over the winery in 1996. The growing season in the Pfalz started early and the summer was very hot and dry, which led to an early harvest. The yields were excellent compared to the small 2017 vintage, Villa Wolf was very happy to have such healthy grapes and high quality. The 2018 harvest period was unproblematic and quite smooth. Because of the dry weather conditions and the healthy state of the grapes, there was no need to rush, giving them time for careful selection and very gentle handling in the cellar.