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Anthony Paret

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Alain Paret Valvigneyre Syrah Côtes du Rhône

Valvigneyre is produced on the 'Haut de Plateau' vineyards of Limony in the Northern Rhone Valley, at 500 to 800 feet altitude. 100% Syrah vines (30 years old) grow on several of Alain's finest hillsides in the 20-acre Domaine. Alain's son Anthony skillfully tunes the expression of this terroir.

Syrah (Shiraz)

A beautiful cherry red colour with notes of marmalade on the nose and soft, smooth tannins on the palate. With a perfume of soft fruits, raspberry, redcurrant, spices and blackcurrant it goes well with grilled meats, white meat, cold meats, affined cheeses.

Red meats like beef and lamb and recipes that require putting a pot on the stove and letting it simmer. Rich hearty stews, roasts and grilled meats work best. Recipes that incorporate marinades or braises with plenty of herbs and spices will mirror the spicy, peppery characteristics of a Northern Rhône Syrah.

Alain Paret took over the reins of his father’s business in 1973. Alain got his start by planting every single root stock, one by one every weekend, for years. Constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of his wines, he went as far as buying barrels from different coopers every year to adapt each vintage to the best wood tannins to achieve the perfect balance. In 1999, Alain’s son ANTHONY PARET joined him, eventually taking over the family business completely in 2013. The estate now covers 101 hectares of vines and produces 40,000 cases annually, making them one of the larger of the top-quality estates in the northern Rhône.  Among the total vine holdings are 20hectares of Côtes du Rhône, 15 hectares of Saint-Joseph and 7 hectares in Condrieu.