Malvazia - Edi Simiic - Goriska Brda - Slovenia


White Wine

Edi Simcic

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Widely considered to be one of the best producers in Slovenia, Edi Simcic`s wines are truly unique, stoically traditional and proudly Slovenian. Three generations are still at work here, passing knowledge and experience from father to son every day. Edi himself is still very much a key character at the centre of the business, with his son Aleks working alongside him and taking the winery into a new era, while Aleks` two sons learn their trade to take up the family mantle one day.

Malvasia, or Malvazija as it is known in Slovenia, is a classic Mediterranean grape variety that is perfectly suited to the warm conditions in the Gorizia Hills. The Simcics make their version in a rich, structured style which is in direct contrast to many lighter versions from more coastal regions.

Ripe peaches and apricots define the nose along with hints of cigar box spice, woodsmoke and dried herbs from the maturation period. The first sip reveals a robust medium body, subtle tannins and a bold structure which will help the wine age gracefully over the next few years.