Picpoul de Pinet - Les Pins de Camille - Cave de L'Ormarine - Languedoc - France


White Wine

Cave de L'Ormarine

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Made from grapes grown close to the Mediterranean shore, this is a bone-dry white wine, with a distinctive combination of nuttiness, peach fruit and stoney flavours.

The vineyard consists of a chalky plateau overlooking the Mediterranean sea, where the exceptional vineyard situation and uniqueness of the Picpoul variety make the appellation unlike any other in the world. Beautiful pine trees (Les Pins) demarcate the vineyard area - giving rise to its name.

Picpoul is a relatively unusual white grape variety found chiefly in the Languedoc Cru of Picpoul de Pinet producing green-gold, full-bodied white wine with concentrated citrus characteristics along France's mediterranean coast. It appears as one of France's few varietally named AC wines.

Food Matching - Fish, Shellfish & Salads