Puligny-Montrachet - Vieilles Vignes - 2018 - Domaine Girardin - Côte de Beaune - Burgundy - France


White Wine

Jean Claude Bachelet

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Vincent Girardin House is a house of conviction. Its roots plunge into the Burgundy terroirs. This is a range of prestigious wines to discover and rediscover. The vines are located in the commune of Puligny-Montrachet on the terroirs of Tremblots, Rue au Vaches, Houillères, Paupillots and Nosroyes.

The nose suggests fern, hawthorn, ripe grapes, marzipan, hazelnut, amber, lemongrass, green apple. Mineral (flint) and lactic (butter) aromas are frequent. Honey is usual, especially after a few years of keeping. The body and the bouquet melt with age. Concentration is remarkable.

Pairs well with foie gras, poultry in sauce, lobster, spiny lobster, grilled sea fish