Gaglioppo - Ciro Rosso Segno - Librandi - Calabria - Italy


Red Wine


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This wine is made entirely from Gaglioppo, the most important variety from the heart of the Cirò appellation in Calabria. Ionian sea breezes and higher elevations cool these southern vineyards, effectively slowing the ripening process. Cirò Rosso is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve the wine's fresh, youthful character.

Don’t let the pale colour fool you, this is a substantial wine.  Aromas of red fruits and spice complement undertones of cranberries, wild berries, and plums.  On the palate, ripe tannins and substantial body make for an incredibly rich, yet easygoing red wine.

Pair this wine with sausage, spicy curry sauces, hot soppressata, and tandoori chicken.