Chiroubles Vielles Vignes - Domaine des Marrans - Beaujolais - France


Red Wine

Domaine des Marrans

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Domaine des Marrans, Chiroubles, Vieilles Vignes is a fruity wine, full of red-cherry flavours. They are framed by the firmer texture and tannins that give the wine its character. The wine is delicious and crisp with a lively aftertaste. 

Domaine des Marrans is located in Fleurie, in the heart of the northernmost section of Beaujolais. Founded in 1970. After leading the property for 30+ years, Jean-Jacques retired from winemaking, allowing his son Mathieu to take the reins in 2008. The changeover proved to be a momentous turning point for this quiet Domaine, as the wines that Mathieu produced arrived with a loud bang. With old vines and crystalline granite sites, Mathieu is growing some of the most pristine Gamay we know.