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Chateau du Cedre

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Cahors Chateau de Cedre, full bodied, ripe, subtle oak, southern French Malbec. Cahors Chateau du Cèdre has a lovely sweet and ripe fruit concentration with a lick of chocolate and espresso and hint of violets.

Smooth and deep on the palate, it has real freshness and a hint of mineral saltiness, though that smoothing weight of ripe fruit and supporting oak is nicely set against ripe tannins. 

The estate was originally created by Charles Verhaeghe on vineyard land devastated by the frosts in 1956 in Viré-Sur-Lot. His sons Pascal and Jean-Marc duly studied winemaking, the former in Burgundy and California, the latter in Bordeaux. Ecological viticultural methods eschewing weedkillers and chemical fertilizers, yield reduction by serious pruning, leaf stripping for greater sun exposure and air circulation, harvesting the grapes on the verge of over ripeness yield the superb raw material essential to create fabulous wines.