Blanc de Pinot Noir - Impero


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PINOT NOIR was introduced to the coast of Pesaro by the French administration during the Napoleonic Empire. The soil of calcareous sandstone and the cool microclimate along this elevated section of Italy's Adriatic coast, were considered to be ideal for the cultivation of this variety. From 1861, for five generations of winegrowers, the Mancini family have preserved and reproduced the original clones, on the best terrains of Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo. Among these hills, the area of Focara in particular has distinguished itself over the years for the production of Pinot Noir with a strong personality and with the typical character of this grape variety.

IMPERO Blanc de Pinot Noir The Impero wine, "Empire" in Italian, is the culmination of a long history of the white vinification of Pinot Noir. This wine is produced by softly pressing whole bunches with the utmost care and attention to minimise skin contact and colour extraction. It is then barrel fermented and aged in barrel for 12 months.