Retribution Gin




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Juniper takes the helm in this gin. A ridiculous amount is used - firstly the juniper is steeped for 16 hours in high abv spirit, more juniper is added to the boiler prior to the start of the distillation run along with 9 other botanicals, and then the still’s vapour basket is packed with as much juniper as it will hold.

The gin has been designed to deliver big on flavour and aroma - it literally shouts juniper from the bottle.

Great in a cocktail or a classic G&T.

When chilled or diluted this gin may appear cloudy, this is due to the dissolved botanical oils coming out of solution. Technically this is known as louching. This is a good thing as it shows just how many botanicals and how much flavour has been packed into each bottle.

We serve this delicious gin here at SWC as one of our G&T house favourites.

70 cl 

44% vol.