Mencia - Alodio - Ribiera Sacra - Spain


Red Wine


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Carlos Costoya, (a professional artist by day), is one of a new breed of Ribeira Sacra winemakers who aim to produce that rarest of beasts. The 3 Hcts of Alodio come from a small block of 27 vineyard plots in A Teixeira, Ourense, many of which have been producing vines for centuries.He relies on tradition as very effective plot selection tool for viticulture and one that minimises frost occurrences.The poor soils of his vineyards help to impart minerality to Alodio as they force the vine to dig deeper hitting the slate soils which lie deep below the alluvial layer.
Carlos does prefermentative cold maceration for 4 to 12 hours adjusted to the condition of the vintage. This helps to extract colour, tannins and aromas from the skin. He employs a precise and gentle hydraulic press which avoids crushing the pips preventing the bitter oils inside them.
Red dark cherries colour. Aromatic with a hint of peppery spice and vibrant minerality.