Dry Furmint - MAD - Tokaji - 750ml


White Wine

Szent Tamas

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VINTAGE: 2016 ABV: 11.5%

Want to be a bit different? Somewhere between Loire Chenin and Chablis in style, this refreshing white wine expressing both the varietal character of the Furmint variety and the typical minerality of the vineyards of Mád village. Well structured and well balanced, wonderfully elegant blend of apricot and peaches with a warming, ginger spice. Just off dry in style with great structure and minerality. Great!

Beautiful pairing with Roast Pork

Jancis Robinson 15.5 Points
Bay-leaf scented and herbal green on the palate. Lean and dry, laurel and white pepper. A green-detox-salad wine without the characteristic perfume and generosity of Furmint but it would be incredibly useful as an aperitif, especially at that low alcohol. TC, 15.5 Points, Feb 2019