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Cachaça (pronounced: ka-sha-sa), is a distilled sugar cane spirit from the rum family, sacred to Brazil and Brazilian culture.

Unlike rum, it is made from fermented sugar cane juices rather than molasses – cut fresh and processed the same day.

Abelha Prata is a full-flavored artisanal cachaça, with an intense, fruity, aromatic nose; fresh sugar cane and stone fruits on the palate; and a smooth dry finish. To create the distinctive character of Abelha Prata, we rest the cachaça for 6 months in open steel tanks, allowing the by-products to evaporate and oxidize, which gives the cachaça its signature bouquet. No sugar is added, and there are no impurities or toxins in the cachaça, resulting in fresh aromas when you open a bottle and pure flavors when you take a sip.


Abelha is made with love in the heart of Bahia – a singular place with powerful historic, natural, and cultural heritage. 

The distillery is a single estate family operation. Marcos coordinates all production, from cane field to pot still, and he is constantly seeking out ways to improve our organic farming and distillation methods.

At 1,200 metres altitude, the estate is ideal for Cachaça production, as the temperature differential between day and night produces sugar cane that retains its natural sugars.


Raspberry Caipirinha: 

45 ml Abelha Cachaça | 6 raspberries | 1/4 a lime, cut into wedges | 2 tsp superfine sugar or 30 ml simple syrup or agave

Muddle the lime, raspberries and sugar in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Abelha Cachaça Silver. Shake vigorously. Serve in a rocks glass, and garnish with berries on a cocktail stick.