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The project of Yonder was born through the combined passion for three things: Foraging, flavour and fermentation. The small team source the finest ingredients to create flavourful, small batch brews with a strong sense of time and place.


Based in the Mendip Hills of Somerset in the United Kingdom


Brewed on a bed of meadow hay, Bees & Things & Flowers is a wild honey wit bier, flavoured with
wild meadow flowers, ubiquitous in fields and hedgerows throughout Britain.

Fermented with honey, carefully sourced from the UK, it is then conditioned on oak with foraged Chamomile, Meadowsweet, Lavender, Yarrow,
Pineapple Weed & the lightest sprinkling of English hops.

This golden tart and full-bodied refresher, with it’s beautiful residual sweetness,
is a perfect drink for that rare, hot, British Summer.

Because, everybody loves the sunshine.


Pecorino Cheese with truffle honey dip, sun-dried tomato bruschetta, halibut or turbot with pea pure and dauphinoise potatoes.