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Our retail shop is now situated in the heart of the market town of Castle Cary, along with a deli. Watch this space as things unfold.... and join us for a glass of wine

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There is just something so irrefutably wonderful about wine.  It is a simple agricultural product but a magical one.  It is the ultimate alchemy: the humble grape turned nectar from heaven.  It has an ability to touch your soul in the same way as music or art.  It is a life enhancing product which has the power to move; to turn a shared meal with friends or family into an occasion, a picnic into a romantic proposal; it charts life's milestones, it celebrates and commiserates: it is inextricably linked to the joy of living and therefore so much more than just a drink.

Wine is where geology meets geography, agriculture meets art, chemistry meets culture, all of it blended by the human touch. Wine is a truly collaborative process: a symbiosis of nature's elements and man's skill and creativity. 

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Milly spent her early career in the art world on the corporate development side at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Science Museum before moving to Hong Kong in 2000 where she worked for the HK International Arts Festival. Having been bitten by the wine bug in Asia following many winemakers dinners in Hong Kong and trips to wine regions in Australia and New Zealand, she embarked on the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) wine exams and on return to the UK in 2009 completed the Advanced level.

She then sold wines to high-end, on-trade venues and at events in the Somerset/Dorset/Wilts region for Christopher Piper Wines, (a fine wine merchant based near Exeter) and has also imported her own selection of wines from Le Marche, Italy where she has a villa and a vineyard, Monastero di Favari.

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She gained the WSET Diploma in 2014 and is now an Associate of the Institute of Wines and Spirits.

The best piece of wine advice Milly can remember was uttered by the glamorous wife of a McLaren Vale winemaker when she visited back in 2005:

A woman only needs two tools in life: a glass of champagne and a Chanel lipstick... Cheers to that.


Alex started his wine career in 2012 with Catena Zapata in Mendoza, Argentina (his family lived in Argentina for several years). He then returned to the UK to begin his WSET qualifications and after secured a job with Gallo Wines Premium North Coast operations in Sonoma and Napa Valley. This included stints at Louis. M. Martini in Napa and William Hill Estate in Sonoma.

Returning to the UK in early 2013 he began working for Majestic Wine in Battersea, London, with whom he stayed for two years before returning to joyful Somerset in summer 2015. At this point he began studying for his WSET Diploma.

He is passionate about many wines but given his background Argentinian Malbec is right up there! If you are planning an Asado (Argentine BBQ) ask for Alex!

He is also fascinated by the varying styles of Chardonnays from around the world so if you think you don't like Chardonnay give him a shot to try and change your mind!

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Being the Shop Dog at Somerset Wine Co. is definitely different to being Top Dog at home where I get fussed over by my family pack, enjoy chasing rabbits and sleeping by the Aga.

At the shop I'm always on high alert for new customer smells and depending on my mood I either greet them with a cautious growl or, if they smell of dogs, a happy wagging tail.

I always come to life when a wine bottle is opened, generally because it means I get a cork to chew or some scraps from the Jacobs Cream Crackers.
I'm named after a famous plummy grape variety, not because my Mum likes wine (well, that's what she says) but because my Canine Mum is called Plum.